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BNSSG Adult Joint Formulary
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Healthcare professionals working in primary care PGDs

BNSSG Clinical Commissioning Group transitioning to an Integrated Care Board


Emergency Hormonal Contraception

Levonorgestrel 1500 microgram tablets for emergency contraception

Obtaining supplies of Levonorgestrel for GP Practices


MSK PGDs for Physiotherapists 

MSK Lidocaine PGD Final V2.2 Apr 24

MSK Methylprednisolone PGD Final V2.2 Apr 24

MSK Methylprednisolone With Lidocaine PGD Final V2.2 Apr 24

GP Practice MSK Triamcinolone Injection PGD Final V2.2 Apr 24


Long acting reversible contraception (LARC) PGDs for registered nurses

Insertion of Etonogestrel subdermal implant for contraception

Insertion of the Progestogen-only Intra-Uterine Device (LNG-IUD)

Template Protocol Lidocaine 10mg/ml spray for IUC insertion or removal –Created by SPS and the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health (FSRH), with the support of specialist stakeholders working within clinical practice. Each practice using this template must ensure it is appropriately reviewed and approved in line with the practice’s governance system.

Administration of Lidocaine injection to facilitate insertion and/or removal of subdermal etonogestrel implant