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Live Longer Better

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The Live Longer Better Digital programme is a digital self-management programme empowering participants to take charge of their health and wellbeing.

It is available to patients across BNSSG aged 60+ with two or more long term health conditions.

​What is the Live Longer Better programme?
A FREE online programme with 10 parts that will discuss what happens to us as we get older and give practical guidance and tools to help people achieve their potential.  These include:

  • follow along routines for strength, stamina, balance and suppleness;
  • training to keep your brain sharp;
  • building a mood-boosting plan; and
  • social connection, purpose and supporting others.

Participants will complete the programme in a small group of people who also have multiple health conditions; all supported by a health coach.  It's designed to be completed over 10 weeks and is flexible, so participants can complete it at a time, place and pace of their own choosing.

For all queries please contact the Live Longer better team at:


To access the programme participants will need a computer, tablet device or phone that is able to stream video via the internet.  If they do not have this or do not feel confident to use it, they can provide the email address of a friend or family member in the next step so they can support you in accessing the programme.

Simply complete the form online.  Participants will then be sent an email with an invitation to join the programme.

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