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Community physiotherapy

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Sirona Community paediatric physiotherapists see children from birth to school-leaving age with a movement difficulty, motor delay or physical disability.

The Physiotherapy service provides assessment and a range of therapeutic interventions for children who have a complex, severe or enduring physical and developmental conditions that are significantly affecting their ability to achieve their potential in terms of activities and movement.


For MSK related physiotherapy, please see MSK Physiotherapy page.

Who to refer

The Sirona service is for children and young people from birth to eighteen years who: 

  • have complex and enduring physical, developmental health needs affecting their function and where they are not meeting their potential.
  • have a physical health need following injury or surgery.
  • are pre-school or school-aged children who live in, or who have a GP within the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire area. 

Who is priority given to? 

  • Preschool children with potential complex neurological disorders. Aim to be seen within four weeks.
  • Children identified as having a life-limiting condition will be seen within 4 weeks.
  • Children who need physiotherapy following a specific medical intervention where there is a limited window for follow-up therapy to be effective. 

If the young person has physical impairment or learning difficulties but is reaching their potential this service may not be needed.


Referral is via the Single Point of Entry form. This should also be available as an EMIS template.

In some cases, the service may request additional information about the child via a Functional Skills Checklist.

Referring a child already known to the service

Please follow the same procedure as above for a new referral. Take the time to explain how things have changed and what the new concern is. It is helpful to name your previous therapist - efforts will be made to allocate you to the same therapist, if this is possible.

More information about the services and treatments provided are available in the service’s core offer document.  

Contact us: 

  • The Physiotherapy Helpline - 07917 393196 is available if you have a concern about a child’s movement, or ability to undertake everyday tasks. Every Thursday between 9am and 12 noon. 

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