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ICE System (Draft)

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Guidance on how to set up a new EMIS GP Practice staff member

Raise a request with the relevant Trust's IT Service Desk.

If a GP member of staff works for multiple surgeries, they only need a single ICE account. If they historically have more than one account, this shouldn’t be a problem, but if technical issues arise, this would be an opportunity to recommend moving to a single account. If done, all EMIS systems used by the user would need to be updated to use the same singular ICE username.

If the user is a requester and is responsible for the requests, it is possible they can have the results sent directly back to them. To arrange this, they will need to setup as a 'Clinician' in the system. To do this, the ICE Team will need their GMC / Nursing / Other professional registration number.

If the user requires the ability to make Radiology requests, the user will need to be referred to the Radiology department to confirm if they have completed IRMER training. This is mandatory and needs to be done prior to requesting their ICE access:


Available ICE User Roles:

  • GP – GP: Doctor
  • GP – Non GP Req: Clinician, but not a GP (e.g. Nursing staff)
  • GP – XR GP NP: Nurse allowed under protocol to order Radiology
  • GP – Viewers: User who will not make requests (e.g. Admin staff)

NB There is currently a new role under development with the BNSSG ICE Radiology User Group for First Care Practitioners. Once approved, this will offer AHPs their own bespoke role to have requesting permissions in ICE.

Information required when request an ICE account:

  • The user’s full name followed by job title in brackets.  For example; John Smith (Med Sec)
  • Name of the Practice(s) they work at
  • Practice's/User’s phone number
  • User’s NHS email address.
  • Date they need their access to start
  • GMC / Nursing / Other professional registration number (if applicable)


NB If the GP user is also a prescriber, the surgery must add the prescribing access to the EMIS account before the ICE access. If they do not, the prescriber's code will be what EMIS tries to use as the ICE username. If this occurs, the surgery will need to remove the access to both, then re-add the prescribing access first, before then adding the ICE access. 

Once account(s) have been created, the ICE usernames will be sent directly to the individual who logged the request with the Trust’s IT Service Desk. Once usernames have been provided, inputting these details into EMIS will be the responsibility of someone at the surgery who is trained in EMAS Manager. 


If there are any issues when accessing ICE, please provide a screenshot(s) of any error messages given and provide numbers and names of all affected to the support emails given below.

Contact details

NBT ICE support - Email:

UHBW (Bristol & Weston) ICE Support - Email:


Radiological Imaging for non-medical requesters - Avon Local Medical Committee (

Efforts are made to ensure the accuracy and agreement of these guidelines, including any content uploaded, referred to or linked to from the system. However, BNSSG ICB cannot guarantee this. This guidance does not override the individual responsibility of healthcare professionals to make decisions appropriate to the circumstances of the individual patient, in consultation with the patient and/or guardian or carer, in accordance with the mental capacity act, and informed by the summary of product characteristics of any drugs they are considering. Practitioners are required to perform their duties in accordance with the law and their regulators and nothing in this guidance should be interpreted in a way that would be inconsistent with compliance with those duties.

Information provided through Remedy is continually updated so please be aware any printed copies may quickly become out of date.