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BNSSG Adult Joint Formulary
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Community Pharmacy Minor Ailment PGDs


BNSSG Clinical Commissioning Group transitioning to an Integrated Care Board

BNSSG Community Pharmacy Minor Ailment PGD Training slides



Chloramphenicol for conjunctivitis in under 2s

Mild Skin Conditions

Hydrocortisone for mild skin conditions

Emergency Hormonal Contraception

The current community pharmacy sexual health PGDs can be found on the Avon LPC website

Otitis Externa

Otomize for otitis externa


Pharmacy First PGDs

The service specification and Pharmacy First PGDs are available here.

Details of the launch of this service and conditions covered are included here.

Clinical pathway

Age range

Acute Otitis Media*

1 to 17 years


1 year and over

Infected insect bites

1 year and over


18 years and over


12 years and over

Sore throat

5 years and over

Uncomplicated urinary tract infections

Women 16-64 years