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Special Allocation Scheme

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In recent years higher levels of violence and aggression in primary care have resulted in an increase in the number of applications made to the special allocation scheme (SAS).

There is guidance for practices on managing violent incidents and applications for removal in the primary medical care policy and guidance manual  - chapter 7 (page 185).

Resources including acceptable behaviour contracts and warning letters are also available on the above link.

Additionally, BNSSG ICB is taking part in an NHS England pilot 'Reducing violence against primary care staff - patient rehabilitation programme', which aims to reduce violence against primary care staff. 


Request an immediate removal via PCSE

More information on this process:

Applications will be reviewed by at least two members of the team. Where applications do not meet the criteria for placement, practices may be contacted by the ICB to provide additional information regarding the incident.

Contact Details:

  • SAS email for any queries:
  • Telephone: 0117 953 9430


Violence Prevention

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Patient advice

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