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Language Services - Interpreting and Translation

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Language Empire

Language Empire provide on demand and pre-booked spoken interpreting.  They can also translate documents into other languages.

Language Empire Service Guide (PDF)

Pre-Booked Service – 0330 20 20 270

This service is for when a patient is booked for a set time.

  • Log on to our portal at
  • Select “+ Scheduled Telephone Booking” and complete the short form.
  • You will receive a booking reference on screen and via email beginning STEL.
  • At the appointment time the clinician will call 0330 20 20 270 and advise they have a telephone booking.
  • LE staff will ask for the booking reference and if they require a third party dial-out (this is if the patient is at home).
  • If the patient is there, the operator will transfer you straight through to the interpreter.
  • If the patient is at home, the operator will set up a conference call with the interpreter and patient.

If the clinician is running late, please give us a call on 0330 20 20 270 at the appointment time and we can ask the interpreter to wait.

On-Demand Service – 0333 188 3712

This service is for situations where the patient has just turned up and needs someone urgently.

  • Dial 0330 20 20 345 with your 8-digit pin number to hand.
  • State the language you require.
  • You will then hear the language requested repeated back to you, simply say Yes if correct No if Incorrect.
  • Enter in your 8-digit pin number.
  • Please allow the operator to find you an available interpreter.
  • Once you’re put through to interpreter they will ask if you need a 3rd party dial out. If the patient is not with you, please supply the interpreter with the patient’s phone number.

The interpreter will call your patient and then allow you to have a three way call with your patient and interpreter.

Further information is available here.

If you have any questions, such as your practice log in details for the Language Empire services, please contact

British Sign Language

Sign Solutions provide face-to-face and video British Sign Language interpreting.


To book

SMS: 07816 217 228


Phone: 0121 447 9620


These details, further resources, and an online booking form can be found at: