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Specialist Falls Service

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Falls risk assessment is embedded throughout Sirona adult services to support people who have been identified as being at increased risk of falling. In Sirona we use a generic EMIS template which will be coded with the EMIS problem code“ Falls risk assessment complete” and will then be visible in all records, including Connecting Care.

The Specialist Falls service takes referrals for non urgent comprehensive assessment of complex patients at risk of recurrent falls whose needs are not being met by another service. This small team of nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and rehabilitation support workers record their assessments on South Gloucestershire Sirona EMIS (the Sirona version of EMIS going forwards) which can be seen on the data sharing agreement.

Referrals are accepted from health professionals and will only be accepted on this referral form

Please remember to check that the patient has had a recent falls blood profile before referral (thyroid, B12 and folate, HbA1c, liver and calcium, kidney and full blood count) and please consider whether a Vit D blood test would be useful.

We do not accept referrals directly from care homes.

Enquires to the Specialist falls service can be made on telephone number: 0300 124 5859 or via email: and if needed you will be directed to an appropriate clinician.