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North Somerset - Memory Service & Alzheimer's Society

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Description of service

AWP NS Memory Service provides provides multidisciplinary assessment, diagnosis, review and immediate post diagnostic support to patients referred to the service.

Ongoing, long-term support to the person diagnosed with a dementia and their family or carer is provided by the Alzheimer’s Society in North Somerset.


Who to refer:

Diagnosis should be made in Primary Care. Only refer for diagnosis as follows:

  • Any patient with evidence of cognitive changes that cannot be diagnosed in primary care.
  • Unexplained cognitive changes in people under 65 years
  • Atypical presentation e.g. primary language/visuospatial deficits
  • Mild cognitive Impairment
  • Persistent and early visual hallucination consistent with possible Lewy Body Disease
  • Complex past psychiatric history

The diagnosis of uncomplicated presentations of Alzheimer’s, vascular and mixed dementia may be made in Primary Care by those who have undertaken appropriate training. The Memory Service are happy to accept queries to support diagnosis in Primary Care. We may not accept referrals for those who already have a diagnosis of dementia.

In the presence of a very rapid decline refer to neurological service.

Urgent requests for support should be made to Care Connect Tel:01275 888801

Advice & Guidance

GP’s are able to contact  North Somerset Memory Service for advice on a patient with a formal, or possible, diagnosis of dementia who is not currently open to the memory service by submitting their query to

The service aims to respond within 3 working days. This is for routine queries and not for urgent matters which should be directed to PCLS.

How to refer:

Diagnostic Assessment: Email the referral form to:

Post diagnostic support: refer directly to the Alzheimer's Society please use the AS referral form.

Referral contact details

see website for full details


Referral supporting information for GPs