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Bristol - Dementia Wellbeing Service

Checked: 23-08-2021 by 3 Vicky Ryan Next Review: 23-12-2023

Description of service

The Dementia Wellbeing Service offers Dementia Navigators to support those with a diagnosis. Dementia Practitioners can provide Specialist Memory assessments to aid early diagnosis and offer therapeutic interventions to support people and their families at difficult times throughout their illness.


Who to refer:

All patients should be referred for post diagnostic support.

Diagnosis should be made in Primary Care. Only refer for diagnosis as follows:

  • Diagnostic uncertainty
  • Younger age (Unexplained under 65)
  • Atypical presentation eg language/visuospatial
  • Prominent psychiatric symptoms/personality change/behavioural problems
  • Patient and carer likely to need specialist support in coming to terms with diagnosis or management of risk
  • Complex past psychiatric history

If very rapid decline refer to neurological service

How to refer:

Referral forms for the service can be found on the DWS website Please be clear in the referral if diagnostic or post-diagnostic support required.

Referral contact details

Referral forms and enquiries - Email: only from a secure email address

For more urgent advice, a Dementia Practitioner is available between 08:00 – 18:00 Monday to Friday via our Access Point at: 0117 904 5151.