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Hospital Waiting times

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Waiting Times

South West – My Planned Care NHS - this link will take you to the NHS site for patients that give information on waiting times in individual trusts across the South West. Please note that the My Planned Care website uses average waiting times and is not sub-specialty specific so please warn patients that there may be shorter or longer delays depending on other factors.

Locally produced waiting times for BNSSG (Jan 2023) are also available. There is a tab for referral waiting times, and a tab for A&G waiting times. Please note:

  • Referral waiting times are split into routine and urgent
  • The median and 90th centile waits are provided
  • For referrals the waiting times are in WEEKS, for A&G the waiting time is in DAYS


Information and support for patients who are waiting can also be found on the BNSSG ICB website.

In addition, we include physiotherapy waiting times on the Physiotherapy page.