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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways & Joint Formulary

Latest News:

Growth and Puberty (29/11/22)

Links to the new Children's Hospital guidelines on Growth & Puberty have been added

Remedy Survey (28/11/22)

The Remedy survey closes on 30th November. Please take a moment to complete it, if you haven't already done so  Thanks for your help.

Gambling Addiction (25/11/22)

A new page signposting support for those with a gambling addiction and other affected by it, such as family members, has been added

2WW referrals to NBT (21/11/22)

Please note that most of the NBT 2WW services are moving to a RAS from 21/11/22. Please check the relevant page for details.

Ebola (28/10/22)

A link to the public health message about Ebola for travellers returning from Uganda has been added

Direct Access Radiology (26/10/22)

Information on Direct Access Radiology for Urgent requests has been updated including CXR on the 2WW Lung page.


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