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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways & Joint Formulary

Latest News:

Influenza (07/09/23)

Resources on the Influenza page have been updated for 2023/24

Early Years Support Practitioner (SEND) (04/09/23)

Information on the Early Years Support Practitioner (SEND) service, which operates in Bristol only, has been added

Heart Failure (31/08/23)

The Heart Failure pathway has been changed. Please view the page, as ECHO now requested in Primary Care in some instances.

Asylum Seeker and Refugee Health (29/08/23)

Information on The Haven and related services and help has been updated on the Asylum Seeker and Refugee Health page.

Spinal Cord Stimulation (24/08/23)

Information on Spinal Cord Stimulation available at NBT has been added

Psychotropic Medication Monitoring (23/08/23)

A new page on Psychotropic Medication Monitoring has been added.

Dyspraxia/ Developmental Coordination Disorder (22/08/23)

Signposting pages for Dyspraxia/ DCD have been added to the Adult's and Children's sections.

Family Nurse Partnership (21/08/23)

Details of the Family Nurse Partnership have been added to Remedy. This service is for first-time pregnant young people aged 19 years or younger while pregnant.

Group B Strep in Pregnancy (17/08/23)

Information has been added on Group B Strep in Pregnancy

Plastic Surgery - Burns (16/08/23)

Information on the referral process for Plastic Surgery - Burns has been updated

Constipation & Learning Disability (15/08/23)

Information on Constipation & Learning Disability has been added.


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