REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways & Joint Formulary

Latest News:

Alcohol Misuse (03/07/24)

Information on the Wet Clinic's run in Bristol, where individuals can access health care from a nurse and a GP without needing to stop drinking, have been added to the Alcohol Misuse page.

Right to choose (02/07/24)

The spreadsheet for Right to Choose providers has been updated for Children & Young People for ADHD and Autism.

Ganglion (01/07/24)

This new page clarifies the referral process and PA requirements for Ganglion referral

ADHD Care Pathway for Children (27/06/24)

The ADHD care pathway has been updated. Schools should be the main referrers where possible, rather than GPs.

Long COVID (24/06/24)

The Long COVID 4-12 weeks and Long COVID over 12 weeks Remedy pages have now been consolidated into one Long COVID page.

Exercise on referral (20/06/24)

Details of all providers of Exercise on referral in Bristol have been added.

Pancreatic Cancer Surveillance Programme (17/06/24)

Details of the Pancreatic Cancer Surveillance Programme, which is part of the EUROPAC study, have been added to Remedy.

Children's Hospital Guidelines (12/06/24)

Links to new Persistent Bacterial Bronchitis (PBB) and Short Stature guidelines produced by the Children's Hospital have been added.

School Nurse Service (05/06/24)

Details of one-to-one support packages have been added to the School Nurse Service page.


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