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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways & Joint Formulary

Latest News:

Post Bariatric Surgery Monitoring (02/02/23)

Information on the ongoing monitoring of patients following bariatric surgery has been added

Hypomagnesaemia (27/01/23)

A new page on Hypomagnesaemia has been added

Tier 2 Weight Management (25/01/23)

Tier 2 weight management options in North Somerset have been updated

Endocrinology A&G (23/01/23)

Endocrinology Advice & Guidance is now available via eRS at NBT and UHBW

Spirometry (11/01/23)

NBT will not be accepting Spirometry referrals after 13th January 2023

Lower GI 2WW (09/01/23)

The Lower GI 2WW pathway has been updated along with FIT Test information. Please see the pages for further information 

Community Podiatry (09/01/23)

A new referral form and referral criteria come into effect for Podiatry Services today.

Dementia - Referral and Assessment (06/01/23)

Some of the information on Dementia referral and assessment has been updated, including referral advice in North Somerset 


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