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South Glos - Memory Service & Dementia Support

Checked: 23-08-2021 by 3 Vicky Ryan Next Review: 23-12-2023

Description of service

The service provides diagnostic and post diagnostic support for patients if they are newly diagnosed or those with an established diagnosis of dementia or memory impairment. 

Memory Service AWP duty clinician is available on 0117 378 4670 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm, to discuss referrals in advance of them being made. Where appropriate, referrals can be taken by the clinician over the telephone.


Who to refer: All patients should be referred for post diagnostic support.

Diagnosis should be made in Primary Care. Only refer for diagnosis as follows:

  • Diagnostic uncertainty
  • Younger age (unexplained under 65 yrs)
  • Atypical presentation eg language/visuospatial
  • Prominent psychiatric symptoms/personality change/behavioural problems
  • Patient and carer likely to need specialist support in coming to terms with diagnosis or management of risk
  • Complex past psychiatric history

If very rapid decline refer to neurological service

How to refer:

Refer by phone to AWP MS: 0117 378 4670 or via PCLS. AWP MS referral form available as an EMIS template. Triaged by PCLS. If Memory service input only required, please state clearly on PCLS form. Please be clear in the referral if diagnostic or post-diagnostic support required.

Dementia support in South Glos is provided by Sirona C&H dementia advisors or Alzheimer's Society dementia advisors, depending on PCN area location (see map) and geo split table of dementia advisor details.

Referrals for Dementia Advisor Support can be made using the Sirona Dementia Advisor Referral Form and the Alzheimer's Dementia Advisor Referral Form.

Referral contact details

see website for full details


Referral guidance and criteria

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