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ICU Follow-up NBT

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The ICU Follow Up Pathway at Southmead screens every patient discharged from ICU for potential review in a multi-disciplinary face-to-face clinic. Patients who meet the following criteria are sent screening questionnaires and are triaged to see if they would benefit from a telephone or clinic appointment:

  • Duration of ICU admission > 5 days
  • Duration of invasive ventilation > 3 days
  • All ICU admissions under 18 years of age
  • All maternity admissions to ICU

The above criteria does not include all admissions and some patients experience delayed reactions to their ICU stay which may occur after the point of initial screening. Direct referrals are therefore also accepted from specialty consultants and GPs. Advice and guidance, a telephone consultation or face-to-face appointment is available as indicated.

Who to refer

GPs can refer patients that have been previous ICU inpatients at Southmead Hospital.

The ICU Follow Up Clinic reviews a small number of ICU discharges in a multidisciplinary ICU clinic with an ICU consultant, senior ICU nurse, physiotherapist and psychologist. We aim to provide context and closure regarding the patient’s ICU admission, giving patients an opportunity to discuss the treatment they received.

Patients admitted to ICU can have significant sequalae from their ICU stay. This can manifest in a number of different ways (sometimes referred to as a Post-ICU Syndrome) including a variety of physical, psychological and cognitive impairments.

Common symptoms that are addressed in clinic include issues relating to fatigue, sleep disturbance, delirium, flashbacks or ongoing symptoms related to a patient's presenting pathology. It is difficult to define exact criteria for referral, but if you think a patient has ongoing issues relating to their ICU stay, then contact the team using the email address below to discuss their case and whether they would benefit from review in the clinic.



Please email with patient details and your clinical question or concern.


Remedy is not aware of a similar service at UHBW but will publish information here if this becomes available.


ICU Follow-up Patient Information Leaflet

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