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List of Funding Policies

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The policies are listed alphabetically on the ICB Policy Directory.

Alternatively, we have also listed the policies per specialty below and suggest that you check each section routinely to ensure there is not a policy applying to your referral before sending it off.

The funding policies do not limit referrals where there are safeguarding or cancer concerns. If any uncertainty, please call the EFR team on 0117 900 2244 before referring or email:

Policies fall into 3 categories:

  • Criteria Based Access (CBA) - these policies do not require prior approval but referrals must meet criteria and this must be clear in any referral. Referrals will be returned if criteria are not met in full.
  • Prior Approval (PA) - these policies require that prior approval is obtained. A prior approval form specific to each policy is available on EMIS (resource publisher) and should be completed together with supporting evidence. A referral can be submitted simultaneously, and if PA criteria are met then the referral will be forwarded as requested.
  • Exceptional Funding - these policies cover areas where there is no funding available except in exceptional circumstances. There are no specific forms for these policies and the generic form below should be used:
  • Exceptional Funding Request Application Form

Links below take you to the policy information and application form on the BNSSG ICB website.

Alternative Medicine

Breast Surgery

Children & Adolescents

Unless otherwise stated, all policies apply to both adults and children. Please see the relevant specialty for further details of each policy. The main areas which have a separate policy for children are:

Cosmetic surgery / treatment


Endocrine & Metabolic Medicine


General Surgery

GI & Liver





  • One-Step Nucleic Acid Amplification (OSNA) as an Intra-Operative Diagnostic Method for Detecting Metastasis in Breast Cancer -  This policy was reviewed and deemed to be no longer needed and was therefore removed on 01/04/2023.


Oral & Maxillofacial


Pain Management




  • Direct Access to DXA Scanning to Help Target Treatment in Adults at Potential Risk of Osteoporotic Fracture - Policy retired on 01/08/2023.


Thoracic Surgery



Misc (Guidance documents)