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NBT - Cognitive Disorders Clinic

Checked: 23-05-2019 by 3 Vicky Ryan Next Review: 23-12-2023

Description of service

The Cognitive Disorders Clinic at Southmead is a tertiary referral clinic for atypical dementia, early onset dementia and mild cognitive impairment where there is particular concern, such as in a younger person.

Neurology now offers an advice and guidance line to all GPs, who should be able to help with questions regarding neurological complications of dementia – Epilepsy/Movement disorders.  They also give advice on rapid onset, young onset cognitive disorders through this line.


Who to refer:

All patients should have had the same assessment prior to referral as is required for the Dementia Wellbeing Service or NS/SG Memory Service.

If GPs are in doubt as to which service to refer to, then they can refer to the Dementia Wellbeing or relevant Memory Service first, as they will triage the patient and then send to the Cognitive Disorders Clinic if they feel that it is more suitable for Cognitive Neurology.

If very rapid decline refer to neurological service

How to refer:

Referral is via the e-Referral System (Neurology / Cognitive neurology)