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NHS Health Checks

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NHS Health Checks are for patients who are aged 40 to 74 who do not have a pre-existing condition that means they are already on a recall system for checks.

Patients should be invited to an NHS Health Check by their GP or local council every 5 years.

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) continues to be an important area for prevention. The NHS Health
Checks have a clear role in helping to prevent diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, stroke and
dementia (1) 

Research shows that for every 6-10 people having NHS health Checks, 1 person is identified as
being at high risk of CVD.

Contractural arrangements and advice on delivery are detailed in a document that can be found on Teamnet:



Free training is available to refresh practitioners' knowledge and skills in delivering NHS health checks:

Bristol and North Somerset

See: Bristol and North Somerset Training | Smart Health Solutions.

South Gloucestershire



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