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REMEDY : BNSSG referral pathways & Joint Formulary

Managed Referrals in EMIS

Checked: 02-12-2022 by Rob.Adams Next Review: 01-12-2023


Managed Referral Protocols for Community Services 

There is a combined Managed Referral protocol with corresponding templates available via Resource Publisher on EMIS. To begin using this resource you will need to activate the protocol which is located within the One Care shared folder under the name CCG Managed Referral Resources.

This protocol can be used by GPs to fill in the relevant clinical template for the referral then to send a task to their practice secretary to complete the process. Afterwards, when the managed referrals are accessed, the referral form will auto populate with the clinical information the GP has input into the template.

The protocol supports managed referrals for the following services:

For detailed instructions, please refer to the guide for using the protocol which includes details of what the referral target names, and clinical terms are for each service.

**Update 12/12/22**

Sirona MSK services now have 3 referral targets which are listed above (MSK physio, MSK interface, MSK foot and ankle). Please note that which ever target is chosen, the referral form is the same and the relevant patient information should be entered together with any recent relevant consultations.

Please note that Funding criteria still apply for certain conditions.

See the communication from Sirona below for details about changes in the process:

Closure dates and details of the new referral target services are attached


For any guides and SOPs and troubleshooting information regarding EMIS managed referrals please visit the TeamNet page:

Clinician Instructions

Ensure you have the correct F12 Managed Referral Protocol:

        • Remove the existing protocol from your F12 Protocol Launcher :  Managed Referrals Protocol – task launch v2.0
        • Add the following protocol to your list :     CCG BNSSG Managed Referrals Protocol        

Steps for Clinicians

  • Press F12 
  • Select the  following Protocol:      CCG BNSSG Managed Referrals Protocol    
  • Select the appropriate template from the list (You can press Esc if selected in error)
  • The clinical template will now be launched 
  • Once the clinical template has been completed, the clinician will then be prompted to send a task to their practice secretary to complete the Managed Referral Process  (completing the template IS NOT completing a referral so please make sure a task is sent to the secretaries).
  • Secretaries will process the Managed Referral


Secretary Instructions

Steps for Secretaries

When the task is received and you want to complete the managed referral process: 

  • Find patient and open EMIS record > Press add > Referral > Standard Outbound Referral
  • Fill in the details and click OK
  • Search for the appropriate referral form, particularly making sure it is one from the One Care shared folders section (One Care (BNSSG) > BNSSG Referral Forms > Managed Referral Forms. 

The referral form will automatically pull in the relevant clinical information, following the clinical template which the clinician filled out in step one above. 

Please note:  You may need to still fill in some final boxes in the referral document. The referral document will not pull through the clinical information if the clinician has not filled out the clinical template. 


Combined process (GP only to complete)

There is now another option for the managed referrals protocol. This protocol is very similar to the above, except there is no prompt to send the task to the secretary. Instead, this protocol is designed for those clinicians who complete managed referrals themselves.

If you would like this protocol to be available to your practice instead of the one that is described above, please contact