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Decisions 21st March 2023

New Drug Requests


Ivermectin (oral) (TLS Red)

  • For treatment resistant scabies, specialist use only, not for children under 15kg.

Hydrocortisone sodium phosphate 3.35mg/mL eye drops (Softacort) (TLS Red)

  • For short-term treatment of mild non-infectious allergic or inflammatory conjunctival diseases for patients who are at increased risk of raised intraocular pressure and who require a preservative-free option.

Fluorescein IV (TLS Red)

  • For imaging of retinal vasculature for diagnosis of retinopathy of prematurity.


Shared Care Protocols



Traffic Light Status Change Requests

  • Insuman Comb 25 to be changed from TLS Green to TLS Blue for existing patients only


Other Formulary Decisions

  • Paediatric emollient chapter page to be updated to mirror changes to the adult chapter.

  • Changes to Amber Traffic Light categories and definitions were agreed:

    - Amber 3 month and 1 month - no change

    - Amber No SCP renamed as Amber Specialist Recommended

    - New category - Amber Specialist Initiated.  

  • Changes to the New Drug Request Application paperwork were agreed including removal of short forms. A single New Drug Request form to be used going forward. 

  • Insuman insulins are being discontinued. These will be removed from the Joint Formulary when supplies are exhausted. 

  • Desflurane to be removed from the formulary as this is no longer used. 

  • Further work is required to explore use of CareSens test strips. 

  • Isotretinoin to be changed from TLS Red 'hospital consultant only' to TLS Red 'restricted to dermatology specialist teams only'.