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Decisions 13th December 2022

Decisions 13th December 2022

At the meeting on the 13th December, the following decisions were agreed

Fluocinolone 0.00625% (Synalar® 1 in 4) ointment and cream (TLS Blue)

  • as per licensed indications

Omeprazole 4mg/ml oral suspension (TLS Blue) 

For Children aged under 1 year who are tube fed or children who require a dose of less than 10mg omeprazole only. Please refer to the BNSSG PPI prescribing pathway for children available on the paediatric formulary page.
Please note omeprazole 4mg/ml oral suspension is non-formulary for all other cohorts.  Omeprazole 2mg/ml oral suspension is non-formulary.

Other Formulary Updates

Anaesthesia Chapter Review Completed
Changes include: naloxone and intranasal diamorphine moved to relevant pages. Intralipid added to formulary, for emergency use only

Mylife Aveo test strips added to paediatric formulary, to replace Accucheck Aviva which have been discontinued

Melatonin Update- further work needed 
The new drug request application for melatonin for off-label use for sleep disorder in adult and paediatric patients with any of: ADHD, ASD or LD was re-discussed by the Joint Formulary Group. A final decision has not been made and further work is needed before any changes may be made to the current formulary position, including financial considerations and development of appropriate shared care arrangements. There is no definitive timeline for these changes and the current formulary position remains in place at this time. 

Insulin biosimilars on the formulary- removal of 'new patients only'