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6.6 Hypothalamic and anterior pituitary hormone related disorders

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6.6.1 Adrenocortical function testing

First line drugs Second line drugs Specialist drugs Secondary care drugs



Tetracosactide (ACTH) (Syncathen test) (TLS Red)

  • 1mg/mL to treat infantile spasms


6.6.2 Assessment of pituitary function

Corticorelin (Corticotrophin-releasing hormone, CRH) (TLS Red)

Gonadorelin (TLS Red)

  • Used to assess gonadotrophin axis. May be performed as a part of full pituitary function testing


6.6.4 Growth hormone disorders

Somatropin (synthetic Human Growth Hormone) (TLS Red)

  • NICE TA188 Human growth hormone (somatropin) for the treatment of growth failure in children
  • Via Homecare at BRCH

Somatrogon (TLS Red)

  • NICE TA863 Somatrogon for treating growth disturbance in children and young people aged 3 years and over

Somatorelin (GHRH) (TLS Red)

  • To test for growth hormone deficiency

Arginine (TLS Red)

  • Combined somatorelin (GHRH)-arginine test Occasional investigation in children suspected of growth hormone deficiency

Lanreotide (TLS Red)

  • Acromegaly

Pegmivosant (TLS Red)

  • Acromegaly


6.6.5 Insulin-like growth factor-I deficiency

Specific Indication:

Mecasermin (TLS Red)