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4.6 Sleep disorders

Last edited: 31-01-2024

4.6.1 Insomnia

First line drugs Second line drugs Specialist drugs Secondary care drugs


Before a hypnotic is prescribed the underlying cause should be identified and addressed, and realistic sleep requirements should be discussed with the patient.

Promethazine (TLS Green)

Chloral hydrate (TLS Red)

Melatonin (TLS Amber 3 months)

  • For children with neurodevelopmental disorder/disability with intrinsic sleep disorder (difficulty getting to sleep or remaining asleep) who have exhausted all behavioural sleep hygiene options
  • Not for use in ADHD or autism or learning disabilities see SCP

Melatonin (TLS Red)

  • For use on PICU and paediatric HDU (during hospital stay only) to aid onset of sleep in patients with neurodevelopmental disorders/ASD and other conditions e.g. bone marrow transplant and renal patients who are suffering from sleep cycle disorder following prolonged stays and who have not responded to standard sleep hygiene measures.


4.6.2 Narcolepsy

Modafinil (TLS Red)

Sodium oxybate (TLS Red)