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Decisions 15th October 2019

At the meeting on the 15th October the following decisions were agreed


New Drug Requests




Opicapone (TLS Red)

  • As a second line option if Entacapone is ineffective or not tolerated.

  • Shared care protocol in development

  • Unfortunately, since the JFG meeting on 15th October, there has been a Supply Disruption Alert from DHSC issued on 25th October 2019 advising that Opicapone 50mg capsules will be out of stock from mid-November 2019 to mid-January 2020.

Safinamide (TLS Red)

Tapentadol (TLS Red) 

  • for the management of moderate to severe acute pain (including severe acute on chronic pain) in adults where conventional opioids are unsuitable, under the acute pain service for a five day duration

Mycophenolate mofetil (oral) (TLS Red)

  • for the induction and maintenance treatment of autoimmune hepatitis for patients intolerant to thiopurines

Humalog Pre-filled pen KwikPen® 200units/ml® (TLS Blue)


Shared Care Protocols


New SCP: Melatonin for REM Sleep Disorder

Updated SCPs:

  • Colesevelam

  • Lacosamide

  • Oxcarbazepine

  • Pregablin

  • Roflumilast

  • Zonisamide


Further work needed


Bleomycin for vascular malformations 

  • Further work needed by trust directorate


  • Shared care protocol and treatment pathway in development

Betamethasone soluble tablets for oral lichen planus

  • Further work needed on a guideline or SCP to support GPs with restarting subsequent courses of betamethasone to avoid repeated referrals back to secondary care for ongoing prescriptions