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Decisions 5th December 2012

Recent JFG Decisions


At the meeting on the 5th December 2012 following actions / changes to the formulary were agreed:


New drug Requests


Tapentadol IR for acute pain

  • Not approved

Eplerenone (license extension)

  • Approved – TLS amber 1 month

Flutiform® (Fluticasone and Formoterol)

  • Approved – TLS Green

Gabapentin in chronic cough

  • Approved for use only with patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis after trial with codeine linctus and dextromethorphan – TLS Red, Consultant use only, NBT only

Thalidomide in Cough

  • Approved for use in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis after Gabapentin - TLS Red, Consultatnt use only, NBT only

Ropivacaine 0.75%

  • Approved for patients undergoing cranitomy and awake craniotomy – TLS Red

Glycopyrronium (Seebri®) inhaler

  • Approved - TLS Green

Aclidinium (Eklira®)

  • Approved  – TLS Green


  • Approved for use by Consultant endocrinologist for acutely ill patients with SIADH for 4 to 10 days – TLS Red. It was not approved for the use in chronic patients requiring this drug.

Forceval soluble

  • Approved for patients with high risk of refeeding syndrome and gastrectomy / sleeve gastrectomy - TLS Red. Phelxy-Vits® to be removed from formulary.  Also approved as TLS Green to ensure nutritional adequacy for patients with dysphagia in both adults children.

Cacit D3 effervescent Granules

  • TLS Green


New / Updated Shared Care Protocols 

  • Ticagrelor - change from amber to amber 1 month, SCP updated
  • Tobramycin for chronic infections not including cystic fibrosis patients.
  • Penicillamine Renal NBT updated
  • Sevelamer (Renegel®) NBT Renal updated


Other Decisions /Changes

Evicel NBT Surgical Glue

  • This NDR for NBT was approved at the JFG meeting 2nd October 2012 but they no longer wish to use it. To be removed from formulary for NBT.

Mezavant XL®

  • This drug had been removed from the formulary following the NDR for Octasa®. It was agreed the use of this drug in patients who failed to comply with a divided daily dose regimen - TLS Blue

Tobramycin Podhaler

  • Decision was deferred from 2nd October meeting awaiting comparative costings. It was agreed to add to formulary - TLS Red.