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14.1 Immunoglobulin therapy

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Immunoglobulin Therapy

All drugs in this section are TLS Red 

Normal human immunoglobulins

  • For intravenous use and subcutaneous use
  • Choice of immunoglobulin products to be decided by Trusts according to NHSE specialised commissioning and national contracting

 Normal immunoglobulins are available from:

  • NBT -  42310 (internal); 0117 4142310 (external) or 07718569934 (external)
  • UHBW - Pharmacy 0117 342 2682
  • WAHT- Pharmacy 01934 647060


Anti-D (Rho) immunoglobulin

  • Anti-D immunoglobulin is available from the transfusion laboratory (blood bank) at Southmead (ext. 35630), UHB Haematology (ext 23080)
  • NICE TA156 Pregnancy - routine anti-D prophylaxis for rhesus negative women

Tetanus immunoglobulin

CMV immunoglobulin

Hepatitis B immunoglobulin

Human normal immunoglobulin

Rabies immunoglobulin

  • This is held at UHB

Varicella-Zoster immunoglobulin

  • The above specific immunoglobulins are available from the Health Protection Agency on (0117 342 5551) via the medical staff on duty
  • See Remedy page on Varicella which includes guidance on Post exposure prophylaxis for chickenpox and shingles


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