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Decisions 26th April 2022

At the meeting on the 26th April, the following decisions were agreed


New Drug Requests 


Acarbose tablets (TLS Amber No Shared Care)

  • For use in post bariatric hypoglycaemia (dumping syndrome) or patients with reactive hypoglycaemia

  • LFTs are required 3-6months after initiation and this will be conducted and reviewed by the weight management team


Ospemifene (TLS Amber No Shared Care)

For moderate to severe vulvovaginal atrophy in women who have:

  • history of breast or endometrial cancer for whom low dose estriol (Imvaggis pessary) is unsuitable or;

  • a significant local allergy to vaginal oestrogens or;

  • for those who have failed to respond to all other formulary options after several months of treatment.


Estring Vaginal Ring (TLS Blue)

  • For the treatment of vulvovaginal atrophy

  • Reserved for patients who are unable to use vaginal pessaries, or for those who have tried vaginal creams or pessaries for several months without clinical benefit


Other Formulary Decisions:

  • Dapagliflozin for treating chronic kidney disease (NICE TA775) will be added to the Formulary as TLS Green in line with NICE implementation period

  • Empagliflozin for treating chronic heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (NICE TA773) will be added to the Formulary as TLS Amber No Shared Care in line with NICE implementation period