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6.7 Sex hormone responsive conditions

Last edited: 31-01-2024

6.7.1 Female Sex Hormone responsive conditions

First line drugs Second line drugs Specialist drugs Secondary care drugs

Older females may be prescribed alternative / combined treatments. These will be covered by the adult formulary under HRT


Ethinylestradiol (TLS Red)

Evorel® 25 patch (TLS Red)



Norethisterone (TLS Red)


6.7.2 Male sex hormone responsive conditions


Testosterone gel (Testogel®, Testim®, Tostran® gel) (TLS Amber Specialist Recommended)

  • No monitoring will be required by GPs, this will be carried out by secondary care

Testosterone (oral) (TLS Amber 1 month)

Testosterone oily injection (Sustanon 250®) (TLS Amber Specialist Recommended)

Testosterone oily injection (Nebido®) (TLS Amber Specialist Recommended)



Cyproterone (TLS Red)



Chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) (TLS Red)

  • Gonadal function test