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COVID Oximetry - Update on this service

Checked: 13-01-2023 by vicky.ryan Next Review: 12-01-2023

COVID Oximetry

GPs should be advised that the COVID Oximetry @ Home Virtual Ward has now been closed down.

There are three options available to patients with Covid-19. 

1. No monitoring.
Please signpost patients to the following information

How to look after yourself at home if you have coronavirus (COVID-19) or symptoms of COVID-19 - NHS ( webpage


2. Self-monitoring for hypoxia

Patient can obtain a pulse oximeter from a local pharmacy and are given information to self-escalate according to their sp02. This is only indicated for small number of the population and should be consider for the following cohorts.

Unvaccinated or single vaccine

Severe Respiratory Condition e.g. COPD, C.F, Bronchiectasis

BMI > 35 (approx.)

Severe mental illness 

Active malignancy

Chronic heart  disease 

Down’s Syndrome


Black, Asian or an Ethnic minority


On dialysis

Gypsy, Roman or Traveller community 


Vulnerable (clinical or social concerns)

Suitable for treatment from Covid Medicines Delivery Unit



3. Admission to the NHS@Home – Respiratory pathway

This service is for patients who have clinically deviated from baseline and require full observational monitoring for worsening clinical instability. Please see the NHS@home - Respiratory Pathway page for further information and referral support.