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Breast Implants and enhancement (non-cancer) - DRAFT

Checked: 23-01-2023 by Rob.Adams Next Review: 23-01-2023


Breast implant or enhancement surgery or revision (non-cancer)

Breast implant or enhancement surgery for patients who are not on a breast cancer pathway is not routinely available on the NHS. Please see the Breast Surgery page for links to the various funding policies that apply.

Referral for revision or replacement of breast implants  is also not funded unless the patient fulfils criteria in the Breast Reconstruction Post Cancer policy (insert link).

Breast lumps in patients who have had implants

If there is an undiagnosed breast or axillary lump then a 2WW Breast referral should be considered if appropriate.

If cancer is excluded but a granuloma (usually axillary) associated with rupture of the implant is diagnosed, then patients may be entitled to implant removal only. Removal of granulomas is not routinely commissioned.

See the Breast surgery (female) policy (insert link) for details.

Breast implant rupture (non-cancer)

If rupture of an implant that was inserted privately is suspected and cancer is not suspected or has been excluded, then the patient should first approach their private provider to get advice.

Removal of an implant is not available on the NHS unless there is a granuloma and there would need to be exceptional circumstances for funding to be approved.

Ruptured breast implants are not thought to cause increase in risk of cancer or other health problems (would be good to have reference or supporting statement here).

PIP implants - follow link for information on PIP implants and indications for removal. The advice on this page states that:

  • If they were fitted privately and the clinic is unable or unwilling to help, speak to your GP about seeing an NHS specialist.

You should have an ultrasound scan or MRI scan to check whether your implants have ruptured. A ruptured implant should be removed as soon as possible.




If referral is indicated to exclude cancer or for other breast symptoms please use the standard Breast Clinic 2WW proforma to make both suspected cancer and non-2WW referrals.